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The Ultimate Scottish Box is our premium box which is aimed at lovers of all things bones and nose to tail eating.

Ultimate Scottish Box - 25kg

SKU: Box0009
  • The Ultimate Scottish box is a premium box full of specialty cuts and has a focus on bone-in. We are talking about Osso Bucco, T-Bones, OP Ribs, Spare Ribs Short along with offal and broth bones. If these cuts are your jam then this is the box for you.


    An example of what may be included in your Ultimate Scottish Box:-
    1.25kg T-Bone Steaks
    2.00kg OP Ribs (Oven Prepared Ribs)
    1.00kg Picanha (Rump Cap)
    2.00kg Brisket Flat
    1.00 Eye of Knuckle Roast
    1.00kg Osso Bucco
    2.00kg Silverside Fresh
    1.50kg Topside Roast
    1.00kg Spare Ribs Short
    750g Skirt Whole
    1.00kg Chuck Diced
    1.00kg Y-Bones Steaks (braising steak)
    500g Traditional Beef Sausages x 6
    500g Premium Lean Mince x 6
    2.00kg Marrow Bones 
    1.00kg Ox Tail
    500g Beef Liver x 2


    As seasons change so may the cuts available in our boxes. You will always receive a box with similar cuts and a minimum of 25 kilograms of our grass fed grass finished Native Angus® Beef.

  • Our collection and delivery options are evolving rapidly as we increase beef production. For the latest information, please check our Delivery page.

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