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Increase your access to vital grass-fed grass-finished nutrients and metabolites with our Bone and Offal Box add-on.

Bone and Offal Box - 5kg

SKU: 006
  • The Bone and Offal Box is an add-on box which includes 5kg of Bones and Offal.


    Boxes will include Marrow and Soup Bones along with Liver. Other items which may be included are Heart, Kidney, Tongue, Ox Tail, Beef Cheeks, Brisket Bones and Beef Fat. If you have preferences, please indicate this in the Special Request field and we will do our best to accommodate. These boxes are FROZEN.


    Add-on Boxes are only available to purchase at the same time as the purchase of one of our 10 or 20kg boxes.

  • Our collection and delivery options are evolving rapidly as we increase beef production. For the latest information, please check our Delivery page.

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