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The Aberdeen Sampler provides s selection of steak and secondary cuts suitable for a standard freezer.

Aberdeen Sampler - 10kg

SKU: 003
  • The Aberdeen Sampler includes a selection of steak, roast, slow cook options and beef basics.

    Your box will include (subject to seasons):-

    1.0kg Rump Steaks 35mm cut
    1.5kg Topside Roast
    1.0kg Spare Ribs Short
    500g Beef Strips
    1.0kg Diced Beef
    1.0kg Beef Patties (gluten & preservative free)
    2.0g Premium Lean Mince
    2.0kg Traditional Beef Sausages (gluten & preservative free)


    As seasons change, so may the cuts available in our boxes. You will always receive cuts of a similar type with a minimum of 10 kilograms of our grass fed and grass finished Native Angus® Beef.

  • Our collection and delivery options are evolving rapidly as we increase beef production. For the latest information, please check our Delivery page.

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